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What Our Pet Parents Say

Brought my dog in tonight for an urgent urinary issue. Was greeted with a friendly welcome from the staff. Dr Diaz was on tonight and was very thorough and provided excellent care to my dog. Highly recommend this facility for after hour care.

Dallas V.

My Female Beagle was having issues with a Productive Nasty Cough she hadn't slept well in days . The staff checked her in right away I brought paperwork from 2 previous Vets were she was examined and unsuccessfully treated Explained everything that was going on with her to Dr Ortez , I have to tell you he was Fabulous he eliminated many things that it could of been , and explained everything he was going to do to her starting with Xrays we were pleased nothing serious showed up , he gave her 2 shots and anti flammorty medications to go home with , She slept the rest of the night and she is improving rapidly , I wish I came to him first . Princess and I are very Grateful for your expertise Thank you Dr Ortez to you and your staff .

Albert J.

My dog was very sick and going into liver failure, we think from eating something outside. My 4 year son, husband and I brought him to emergency vet and we had an amazing experience. Sarah G was unbelievable. She is so so knowledgeable and watched my dog overnight. She saved his life by the care she provided him and I will be forever grateful to her. Not only did she provide good care but she was empathetic to us. She knew how much we loved Cody and offered emotional support. She is the absolute best I have ever come across and I have 3 pets.

Lisa M.

This place was a life saver!!! My dog needed an emergency c-section. I fist took her to Blue Pearl in Tampa who told me it would only cost $2,400. I called them at midnight and after being there for over an hour they came back and told gave me all this bullcrap information and said the new price was going to be over $12,000!!!! They suggested I take my dog home and come back in the morning but said that all the puppies would be dead!!!!

I told them to cash me out for what they had did to that point which wasn't much but still cost me $300.

I called this place and the receptionist was so nice and calming and said that it would be about $2,500 and that included her being spayed. I drove there as quickly as I could and they took her back immediately. They told me I would have to wait a few hours but they would take good care of her and they definitely did. All 3 puppies were delivered safely and momma was safe and recovering.

Thank you so much for everything you did. I appreciate it very much ❤

Chelsie K.

The staff who worked on 6/2/21 saved our puppy Apollo. The lady who worked front desk was so kind and welcoming she gave us a list of good clinics to take Apollo to for his shots. The doctor and nurse did a plan where it was affordable for us. Whatever they did last night saved Apollo and he is running around getting into stuff like nothing was wrong with him!! I would so recommend this emergency clinic to everyone!! Thank you staff for helping us!!!

Lisa L.

I’ve had to visit the emergency clinic twice in the past two months. Once for my beagle Fern, and secondly for my cat Luna. After having a terrible experience at Blue Pearl the same night, we decided we could not comfortably trust the staff at Blue Pearl to provide care for Fern. We drove right across the street to Animal Emergency Clinic of Brandon and were met with a world of difference. Everyone there was kind, patient, and empathetic to Fern, my mother and I. Julie the manager provided us with such relief and comfort. She is someone I would trust with the care of any of my animals. Bottom line is, you can tell the people here truly and innately care for the well being of your pet.

Suejung B.

We brought our female adult cat in, she had been exposed to our new kitten who had an upper respiratory infection. Staff were so friendly and responsive to her needs. Vet was honest about treatment options. Highly recommend. Our girl is already feeling better after a few short hours.

Haley C.

Thank you so much for taking care of my tiny little Maxx! He gave us a scare and I am so glad it was nothing serious. You both were so kind and caring. We really appreciated it. Oh and thanks for not laughing too much at Maxx just having gas... We are all relieved! LOL

Vivian R.

Was here twice in one week with a rescue cat (for unrelated reasons). Staff was very compassionate to both us and the cat. I believe one tech was named Estacy and the other, Tracy, and both absolutely wonderful. They both were extremely knowledgeable and kind during stressful situations. The emergency vet is never a place you want to go back to, but this is definitely our top choice.

Emma L.

I don’t usually do the whole review thing , but this amazing place deserves so much appreciation!!! I’ve taken two of my dogs here , my baby Hercules was kept overnight (not completely sure how long since it was quite some time ago ) but he came back home his normal spunky self ! I was almost positive I was going to lose him when my husband left to our primary vet .he was transferred here for overnight and the complete turn around was amazing !

We recently also brought my dog King in , he had been to another vets office for what we believe to be a snake or spider bite on his back paw ,unfortunately this had taken a huge turn for the worse and ultimately led to him being euthanized.

My husband picked up his ashes today , although this was a very painful process ,he came home in a beautiful urn with his name engraved an amazing keepsake paw print and a beautiful card. Not only did they express their condolences to my husband during the process ,they assured him my baby was going to get lots of love before he crossed the rainbow bridge . I’m not sure who his tech was but thank you so much for loving my baby while he was going to run playfully again ..

This clinic is one of the best I’ve taken my babies to and wouldn’t think twice or going anywhere else for an emergency.

Victoria C.

Had to bring my dog in for an ear infection. The vet was a super nice gentleman. They were efficient and effective. Emergency vets are expensive, of course but It didn't break the bank and I didn't have to get a loan to pay the bill. I have taken my dogs there a couple of times over the years and they have always done well by me. Good people with good souls. I highly recommend them.

Rich G.

Went here last night with my girl who was having issues and had me concerned, went in there and was helped immediately, had kind nurses and doctors who also treated her very well. Got the answers I was needing and got referred to another doctor who can further help , overall experience was great , lovely staff and services.

Skilah H.

AWESOME!!! They took care of my puppy, Tucker, right away. They didn't do anything unnecessary. They are affordable. Right across the street from Blue Pearl. Blue Pearl takes advantage of people with high costs. Go to AMC of Brandon

Colleen H.

Highly recommend this vet office! They went above in beyond for our frenchie! Our dog never likes going to Vet and he warmed up quick! Due to them not being open 24/7 we had to find another emergency vet due to needing longer treatment and vet Annazette Sloley took care of calling 3 different vets getting us information and prices so we wouldn’t have to deal with this on top of the stress of our pooch being sick. Annazette was very acknowledging and took the time to educate us on what was going on in a way we would understand.

Jayse P.

Unfortunately my dog was attacked by another dog 10 times bigger than him on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The staff and doctors were great. I have so much respect for veterinarians and it's helpful staff. This place is great. Sarah, Tracy and Dr. Muller patched my dog up and took extra care and love for him for approximately 17 hours. I highly recommend them when concerned for an animal medical emergency need. 🙌👍

Sean G.

I loved how they immediately took action for my 6 mo. old puppy. She had a poisoning from something and they didn't take any time before getting her in the back. A week earlier, she ate foam and was puking I took her to Fetch Emergency Hospital and they completely overcharged me. Now, a week later, she ate something toxic from my back porch while I was at work, and I came home to her head bobbing, lethargic, puking, she couldn't even stand up or walk without falling over and so I knew something was wrong. She started nodding out and I rushed her here. They are amazing, and I personally love the vet's assistant (she had a short brunette bob) she made us laugh and feel calm during a time of stress. They kept my puppy overnight and gave her an IV with fluids. I came to pick her up in the morning and the lady that was at the front desk was basically saying I HAD to take my puppy to a Day vet so they would remove the catheter in her leg and said she would bandage it up and give me the rest of the fluid bag. I don't have money like that, so I asked if she could remove the catheter and then she said yes, how she could (after I already left and turned back around and called her to see if she would remove it) . I removed one star because I get it's the morning, but don't give pet parents one or no choice. She was going to make me take her to a Day vet when my puppy came out acting her normal self after the fluids they gave her. Why spend unnecessary money if she's okay?

All in all, it was a reasonable price, though expensive, it's better than other places like Fetch or BluePearl. Don't expect a low price from an emergency vet is what I've learned, but I've also learned to take her here again if another emergency ever happens.

Thanks again guys!!

Samantha MC.

We’ve taken our dog there three times and found the staff to be caring and wonderful. Gave us best options when discussing treatment. Never felt rushed; they listened and treated our dog with kindness. Would definitely recommend.

Joan R.

Dr Lazarus saved my dog and her puppies. She came in after a rough labor. The odds weren't in our favor. Fortunately we found this vet and he truly worked a miracle. I will never forget all the staff did for our girls. I will highly recommend this clinic to anyone I know.

Not only did my girl survive, we avoided a c-section. She was a nervous first timer and had a tough labor.

Thank YOU AECB staff. You are all truly gems and thank you for doing what you do.

Megan P.

I had a great experience. My pup was brought here for after care over night . The cost was very reasonable I appreciate that ! I did not feel robbed . I was greeted promptly. The dr and the assistant were very knowledgeable and caring . I wish I could remember her name ( the red haired lady ) was extremely caring and made sure I was aware of everything going on . I appreciate everyone at this facility for taking such good care of Sophie .

Lindy M.

Our experience there was perfect. They took a scary situation and made us feel at ease. Between us, this was our third experience there for emergencies. All three outcomes were different, but each time we felt respected and informed. Everyone took the time to make sure we knew what our options were and what the cost would be. We received a refund when we didn’t need as much as anticipated. It was a really great way to have a really bad day. Everyone was kind and honest and genuinely cared about our pets. We started at another emergency office and were told our only options were a multiple day stay with a specialist (estimated cost $5000) or euthanasia. We came here and she stayed one night and was sent home with follow up visits. It was clear the whole time that they truly care about the animals.

Sarah M.

Our dog was showing some concerning symptoms 3 days after being spayed. We finally took her in on a Sunday afternoon because we couldn’t wait for our normal vet to open Monday. They were great! Kind, calm, and they were quick to get us in an out (2 hours from first signing in to leaving). They charged a fair price for the services as well. We obviously hope to never need a vet ER again, but if we do - we know where we’re going!

Devon W.

DR. Pace was amazing! He covered all of our questions and concerns with our fur daughter. The bill was reasonable as well, we'll definitely return if we encounter another emergency with our baby. Thank you DR. Pace it was a pleasure meeting with you!

Ana L.